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The Cisco EPN Manager 6.0.3 release introduces fixes for the following bugs:

  • CSCwe23573: Memory leak in the HM Main–CARS JNI call

  • CSCwe29295: DB connection leak from the NBI-restconf

  • CSCwe29279: DB connection leak in the inventory module

  • CSCwd75444: Switch inventory job failure with the inventory process failure message

Check the Cisco EPN Manager Bugs section for more information.

Supported Installation/Upgrade Paths

The following table lists the valid paths for installing/upgrading to Cisco EPN Manager 6.0.3 from previous versions.

Current Cisco EPN Manager Version

Installation Path to Cisco EPN Manager 6.0.3

Cisco EPN Manager

Cisco EPN Manager (restore) > 6.0.3

Cisco EPN Manager 6.0.x

Cisco EPN Manager 6.0.x (restore) > 6.0.3

Cisco EPN Manager 5.1.4.x

Cisco EPN Manager 5.1.4.x > 6.0.0 (restore) > 6.0.3

See the relevant installation guide for installation prerequisites and procedures for Cisco EPN Manager versions.

Cisco EPN Manager Bugs

Resolved Bugs

The table below lists the bugs that are resolved in Cisco EPN Manager 6.0.3.

For more information about the resolved bugs, go to the Bug Search Tool.

Bugs Description


Memory leak in HM Main–CARS JNI call


DB Connection leak from NBI-restconf


DB connection leak in inventory module


Switch inventory job stopped with inventory process failure message

Get Information about Cisco EPN Manager Bugs

Use the Bug Search tool (BST) to get the latest information about Cisco EPN Manager bugs. BST allows partners and customers to search for software bugs based on product, release, and keyword, and it aggregates key data such as bug details, product, and version.

Cisco EPN Manager bugs may be caused by defects in a device's platform or operating system. In such cases, the Cisco EPN Manager bug will be resolved when the hardware/operating system bug is resolved.


Step 1

Log into the Bug Search Tool.

  1. Go to

  2. At the Log In screen, enter your registered username and password; then, click Log In.


If you do not have a username and password, you can register for them at

Step 2

To list all bugs for this version, click the Select from list hyperlink that is next to the Product field and select the product.

  1. Choose Cloud and Systems Management > Routing and Switching Management > Cisco Evolved Programmable Network (EPN) Manager and then select the required product version.

  2. When the results are displayed, use the filter and sort tools to find bugs according to their status, severity, how recently they were modified, if any support cases are associated with them, and so forth.

You can also search using bug IDs or keywords. For more information, click Help at the top right of the Bug Search page.

Important Notes

Upgrade Issues

  • FTP and TPTP are disabled by default.

  • Active Threshold Crossing Alarms (TCA) for temperature remain active and are not cleared automatically. Clear these alarms manually.

  • You must resync your devices to view ISIS links.

  • You must resync LDP-enabled devices to view LDP feature-related information.

  • You must recreate the TCAs for inbound/outbound errors and inbound/outbound discards in the Interface Health monitoring policy.

Limitations on Carrier Ethernet Circuit Provisioning

  • Promotion of service using old probe name format is now supported. These probes are listed in the user interface with the appropriate standard OAM Profile name after promotion.

  • Sample profile: profile PM2_3_8_CoS5_DM type cfm-delay-measurement.

  • While custom profile names are supported in Cisco EPN Manager, modifying brownfield services with a different naming format deletes the existing custom profile and adds a new profile with a supported naming format.

  • Inventory models do not correctly display the profiles that are not associated to a service.

  • Validation limit for number of profiles is 100. If you create a new SLA operation profile after 100 existing profiles, the device generates an error and deployment fails.

TLS 1.2 Required for Secured Channel Communication for HTTPS and TLS

Only Transport Layer Security (TLS) 1.2 is supported for HTTPS and TLS related secured communication, for example, RADIUS EAP-TLS.

Support for TLS 1.0, TLS 1.1, and all versions of SSL has been disabled due to security vulnerabilities.

This means that all peer systems and clients that transact with Cisco EPN Manager using HTTPS/TLS must support TLS 1.2. If they do not support TLS 1.2, you must upgrade these systems. Wherever possible, the Cisco EPN Manager documentation highlights the potentially affected systems. Please contact your Cisco representative for support in this regard, if necessary.

Reconciliation Report Limitations

If you have not provided a value for an attribute while provisioning a service, the provisioned value for that attribute is displayed as “Missing” in the reconciliation report. The device may have a default value for this attribute, but Cisco EPN Manager does configure this value.

Limitations on Cisco ME 1200 Devices

The Y.1564 performance test does not work if the source/destination is a Cisco ME 1200 device.

Limitations on Editing Alarm Notification Policies

If the upgrade conditions of existing categories are different from the condition of categories on 5.1, then the conditions post upgrade will not match. As a result, policy might not be created or UI selection might not take place for the unmatched events. In this case, you should delete the upgraded policies and create a new one.

Limitations on Cisco NCS 4200 Devices Running IOS-XE 16.8.1

The following functionalities do not work on Cisco NCS 4200 devices running IOS-XE 16.8.1:

  • Alarm profile

  • Configuration of SONET LOP and CT3 LOP from the GUI

  • Admin shut/no shut functionality on SONET/T1/T3 HOP/LOP

Limitations on Cisco NCS 540 and Cisco NCS 5500 devices

NCS540 and NCS5500 device series do not support Fault-OAM, Wrap-Protection, and BFD.

Use CLI Templates for Configuring PTP Commands

On ASR920 devices with software version 16.9.1, an IEEE 1588-2008 BC/MC license is required to execute the 1588 PTP commands.

Configuration and Inventory Not Supported for PTP Templates

The behavior of modeling the configurations pushed through PTP templates may not work as expected because the model may not be in place for all the configurations pushed through PTP templates. Configuration/Inventory is not supported for these configurations.

Deprecation of Support for ONS 10.00.10, 10.01.00, 10.03.00

ONS 10.00.10, 10.01.00, 10.03.00 ONS 10.00.10, 10.01.00, and 10.03.00 are no longer supported on Cisco NCS 2002, 2006 and 2015 devices.

Data Center Device Lifecycle Support Only

Cisco EPN Manager provides foundation lifecycle support for UCS compute systems, CSR 1000v, and Nexus series devices but does not provide data center topology.

LINK_DOWN alarm on sub interfaces in Gig Port

LINK_DOWN alarms will not be generated when link is down on sub interfaces in a Gig Port.

Accessibility Features

For a list of accessibility features in Cisco EPN Manager 6.0.3, contact

All product documents are accessible. If you would like to receive the product documentation in audio format, braille, or large print, contact

Obtaining Documentation and Submitting a Service Request

For information on obtaining documentation, using the Cisco Bug Search Tool (BST), submitting a service request, and gathering additional information, see What’s New in Cisco Product Documentation.

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