About Cisco SAE

Cisco® Secure Agile Exchange (SAE) is a solution that enables enterprises to interconnect users to applications quickly and securely by virtualizing the network edge (DMZ) and extending it to colocation centers, the crossroads of Internet traffic. For more information on the SAE solution, see Cisco Secure Agile Exchange (SAE) Solution Guide.

Find all the information you need about SAE release 1.1—new features, known behavior, and related information, in this document.


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What's New

  • Orchestration of Cisco Firepower 4100 and 9300 Series: Support has been added for orchestrating Firepower 4100 and 9300 in a service chain along with VNFs.

  • Support for Netrounds Assurance Software Netrounds is a cloud-based software application that provides solutions to test and analyze the network traffic in a service chain. SAE core function pack now supports spinning up the Netrounds test agent within a service chain.

  • Support for Termination of IPSec Tunnels on CSR: This release supports direct termination of traffic from IPsec tunnels on to Cisco Cloud Services Routers (CSR). Before this release, traffic from IPSec tunnels could only be terminated on physical routers such as Cisco Aggregation Services Router (ASR), which would then forward the traffic to CSR.

  • Dynamic Addition of Endpoints to Service Chain Gateways : This release enables you to dynamically add endpoints to an existing service chain. This enables adding brances and partner traffic flows to existing service chains.

  • Support for Subinterfaces in VNFs: Subinterfaces divide a single VNF interface into multiple logical interfaces. The support for adding subinterfaces increases the number of endpoints that can be connected to the first VNF in a service chain.

  • Support for ITD on Nexus 9000 Series Switches: Intelligent Traffic Director (ITD) is an intelligent load balancing engine that provides adaptive load balancing to distribute traffic to an application cluster. Configure and use the ITD feature to balance the load on the firewall VNFs – ASAv, FTDv. These VNFs serve as ITD VNFs in the virtual network system. Note that SAE supports the ITD service only for an end-to-end-service chain.

  • SR-IOV Support on Intel X710 Adapters: Support has been added for Single Root - Input/Output Virtualization (SR-IOV) on the Intel Ethernet server adapters X710. The X710 adapter supports up to 32 virtual functions (VFs) per port, for a total of up to 128 VFs per adapter.

  • Support for Monitoring Network Performance: Use the Control Flow process in SAE to monitor and trace end-to-end routing of packets in a service chain. To verify the control path of a packet, use the show bgp command from the node where the packet starts.

  • Support for Multiple Management Interfaces: Some VNFs require multiple management interfaces, which is enabled in this release.

Changed Behavior

If you are currently using SAE core function pack 1.0, ensure that any day-0 files that have NIC variables provided by ESC are replaced with variables from the SAE core function pack 1.1.0. Use the show vnf-vars command to view the variables that have changed in this release. Failing to replace the variables from SAE core function pack 1.0 will result in failed deployments.

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