About Cisco SAE

The Cisco® Secure Agile Exchange (SAE) solution enables enterprises to interconnect users to applications quickly and securely by virtualizing the network edge (DMZ) and extending it to colocation centers, the crossroads of Internet traffic. For more information on the SAE solution, see Cisco Secure Agile Exchange (SAE) Solution Guide.

Find all the information you need about this SAE release—new features, known behavior, and related information, in this document.


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What's New

  • Support for Physical ASR1002-HX: This release supports the use of Cisco Aggregation Services Routers (ASR), model ASR1002-HX as a shared endpoint gateway. You can build service chains behind such physical gateways or stitch the gateways to other half chains or gateways. After deployment, the physical gateway works exactly like a virtual gateway. SAE uses Physical Network Function Descriptors (PNFD) to align the deployment workflows of the physical shared gateways and virtual shared gateways.

  • Enhanced NSD: In the previous SAE releases, the Network Service Descriptor (NSD) was used to define a service in terms of the network functions, VNFs in particular. From this release, with the addition of Cisco ASR1002-HX as a shared endpoint gateway, the NSD will also define the the PNFs in terms of their internal and external connectivity.

  • Support for LiveAction Assurance Software: LiveAction provides GUI-based management and visibility for simplifying network management. You can use LiveAction Agent to discover VNFs and other devices.

New and Modified Commands

New Commands

The command sae-site-action-status has been introduced to show the progress of the various cleanup actions in SAE. The sample output of the new command is shown below.

device# show sae-site-action-status
ID  ACTION                        SITE        SERVICE              STATUS  MESSAGE                                                          DATE
1   stitching-service-cleanup     sae-site-1  stitch               DONE    Success                                                          2019-04-24T20:57:01.364000+00:00
2   service-chain-cleanup         sae-site-1  CSR-to-ASA-Provider  DONE    Success                                                          2019-04-24T20:58:22.241000+00:00
3   service-chain-cleanup         sae-site-1  CSR-to-ASA           DONE    Success                                                          2019-04-24T20:59:02.673000+00:00
4   endpoint-gateway-vnf-cleanup  sae-site-1  gateway-cnf-1        DONE    Cannot find endpoint-gateway service with the specified details  2019-04-24T21:24:04.378000+00:00
5   endpoint-gateway-vnf-cleanup  sae-site-1  gateway-vnf-1        DONE    Success       

Modified Commands

Old Command

Modified Command

request-sae-cleanup request sae-site-actions cleanup

The command tree underneath remains the same as before.

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