Cisco Wireless Phone 840 and 860 Release Notes for Firmware Release 1.10(1)

These release notes support the Cisco Wireless Phone 840 and 860 software release 1.10(1). These wireless smartphones require:

What’s New in This Release?

This release contains no new or changed features.


With the 1.10(1) release, the OS version will show as for the Cisco Wireless Phone 840 and as for the Cisco Wireless Phone 860; however the Apps bundle version will show as for the Cisco Wireless Phone 840 and as for the Wireless Phone 860.

Open Bugs

Bug number



860–840 Bluetooth Pairing Mode Confusion vulnerability.


Conference not recorded when a user creates a conference with a call on hold.

Resolved Bugs

Bug number



840/860 phones stop ringing after few hours of use, but will vibrate and present UI.

Bug Search Tool

We report open and resolved customer-found bugs of severity 1 to 3. You can find details about listed bugs and search for other bugs by using the Cisco Bug Search Tool. For more info on using the Bug Search, see Bug Search Tool Help.

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