This document describes the recommended practices and known issues that apply to software versions up to 1.0.24 of the Cisco Business Mobile app.

System Requirements for Cisco Business Mobile app

The Cisco Business Mobile app is supported for Apple iOS-based devices running iOS version 13.0 and above. The following devices may be managed by the Cisco Business Mobile app:

  • Cisco Business 220 Series Smart Switches

  • Cisco Business 250 Series Smart Switches

  • Cisco Business 350 Series Managed Switches

  • Cisco Business 100 Series Access Points

  • Cisco Business 100 Series Mesh Extenders

  • Cisco Business 200 Series Access Points


Cisco Business 350 Series switches with 10Gb Ethernet switch ports and a dedicated out of band (OOB) management port are not able to be installed and configured using the app. Affected models include: CBS350-8XT, CBS350-12XT, CBS350-24XT, CBS350-48XT-4X, CBS350-12XS, CBS350-24XS, CBS350-16XTS, and CBS350-24XTS.

Limitations and Restrictions

The Cisco Business Mobile app is subject to the following limitations and restrictions:

  • For devices to be managed by the Cisco Business Mobile app, they must be in an unconfigured state before being added to the site and configured by the app. If a device has been previously configured by any means, it should be reset back to an unconfigured state (factory default) before it is used by the app.

  • The Cisco Business Mobile app is not currently optimized for the iPad. The app may be used with an iPad, but will operate in iPhone compatibility mode.

Caveats for Release 1.0.24

Resolved Caveats

Release Date: July 2021

The following table lists caveats that have been resolved in Cisco Business Mobile app1.0.24.

Table 1. Resolved Caveats

Caveat ID Number



IOS should not prompt a new version upgrade when the app is the latest version.

Caveats for Release 1.0

Open Caveats

Release Date: June 2021

The following table lists the open caveats for Cisco Business Mobile app version 1.0

Table 2. Open Caveats

Caveat ID Number



Diagnostic messages are hidden on smaller phones.


Scroll up to view the messages.


Keyboard covers buttons on the backup page.


Touch outside the keyboard area to dismiss the keyboard.


Interferer detection is disabled.


Manually enable interferer detection in the CBW web UI.


Sometimes the app displays the loading icon when refreshing the site summary page.


Pull down to refresh the page.


The app shows the switch reboot is taking longer than necessary.




The invalid password message is blocked by the keyboard when typing, so it might not be seen.


Dismiss the keyboard to see the message.


Exiting the add devices workflow is not obvious.


Use the Back button at the top left to exit the workflow.


Retry config saves automatically when already it is in progress on CBW.


Click the Retry link to manually repeat the save operation.


Device firmware version does not update after upgrade.


Return to the site view and refresh the site information.

Resolved Caveats

This is the initial product version.