Cisco at Smart City Expo World Congress

Between envisioning a better world and creating one, there’s a bridge

Thank you for joining Cisco at Smart City World Congress

At Cisco, we believe that technology holds the promise of transforming communities, powering opportunity, and creating a more equitable and sustainable future.

From demos for sovereign cloud and global funding capture to speaking sessions with panelists from cities around the world, we enjoyed sharing how Cisco helps communities connect, protect, and transform the lives of their citizens.

Our trustworthy technologies serve as a foundation to expand access to critical resources, build secure and resilient infrastructures, and power remote work and trusted workplaces. Together, we can positively shape what's now and what's next. 


Get hybrid work to work for you

Empower employees with a suite of flexible, supportive, and inclusive hybrid work tools.

Portfolio Explorer for government

Explore use cases and solutions for government with the help of our interactive Portfolio Explorer.

Case study: City of El Paso

See how the City of El Paso supported its homeless population during the COVID-19 pandemic with the help of Webex by Cisco.

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