Cisco Certifications

Our training and certification program offers a path to the technology career you want.

Cisco Certifications

Cisco Certifications Our training and certification program offers a path to the technology career you want.

Certification paths

Explore our catalog to learn about entry, associate, professional, and expert certifications, as well as supplemental exams that earn you specialist certifications and credit toward recertification on all paths.

Cisco certifications

Cisco has redesigned our training and certification programs to address today’s dynamic technologies and prepare students, engineers, and software developers for success in the industry’s most critical jobs.




Use this as a starting point if you’re interested in a career as a networking professional.

Master the essentials needed to launch a rewarding career as a networking professional and realize your potential with the latest technologies.

Select a core technology track and a focused concentration exam to customize your professional-level certification.

Become an expert in your field by earning the most prestigious certification in the technology industry.
Collaboration     CCNP Collaboration CCIE Collaboration
CyberOps Cisco Certified Support Technician (CCST) Cybersecurity CyberOps Associate CyberOps Professional  
Data Center     CCNP Data Center CCIE Data Center
(Dev and Automation)
  DevNet Associate DevNet Professional DevNet Expert
Design       CCDE
Enterprise Cisco Certified Support Technician (CCST) Networking CCNA CCNP Enterprise

CCIE Enteprise Infrastructure

CCIE Enterprise Wireless

Security     CCNP Security CCIE Security
Service Provider     CCNP Service Provider CCIE Service Provider

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Every professional-level exam now earns a Specialist certification.

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Cisco certification roadmaps

Technology and IT needs are always evolving and so are Cisco certification exams. With Cisco Certification Roadmaps you'll know exactly what to study — and when to get started. Visit our Cisco Learning Network community for updates and more information.

What happens after I pass the certification exam?

Congratulations on passing your certification exam. This is a significant achievement. Visit our Certification Fulfillment and Benefits page to learn more about what happens next.

I need to recertify

For specific details about your recertification requirements, visit the Recertification policy page.

Certification agreements

Candidates are required to acknowledge several agreements as part of their participation in the Cisco Certifications program, and to obtain and use marks and logos associated with the program.


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Retired certifications

Even after an exam is retired, active certifications based on that exam will remain valid until their individual expiration dates. Retired exams will no longer be available for new certifications or to recertify.


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