Digital Badges

Cisco Certification and Professional Badges

Digital badges are the best tool to highlight your Cisco certifications and achievements on your online profiles, resumes and more. Join the group of Cisco certified professionals who are already sharing their skills this way.

Cisco partners with Credly to deliver its Professional badges through the Acclaim platform. Cisco’s Professional badge collection can be viewed on the Credly platform.

What is a Digital Badge?

Cisco has included digital badges as an additional way for you to share and validate your achievements.

It provides a secure and verifiable way share your professional story.  A digital badge consists of an image and metadata that are uniquely linked to you and your achievement.

Your digitally shared credential grants viewers immediate access to validated information that features your knowledge and skills and verifies its issuance by Cisco.

Use a Cisco digital badge to:

  • Enhance your professional brand by sharing your digital badges on any online platform:
    • Social media, email signature, resume, website, online portfolio and more.
  • Enable employers to quickly validate your certifications and achievements.
  • Search for new job opportunities and compare salaries related to your certifications.
  • Receive personalized certification recommendations, based on your earned credentials.

How do I earn a digital training badge?

When you complete any of the training courses that are part of a certification track, you earn a training badge. The different badge levels represent the difficulty of the course and correspond with the levels of the certification program.

The badge levels are as follows:

  • 100 level: Foundational training with no exam
  • 200 level: Training for associate-level certification exams
  • 300 level: Training for professional-level certification exams
  • 400 level: Training for expert-level certification exams

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