500-710 VII

Cisco Video Infrastructure Implementation

Associated certification: Video (Collaboration)

Duration: 60 minutes

Languages: English

Exam overview

This exam tests a candidate's knowledge of the skills needed by a field engineer to install and support a Cisco Video Collaboration Solution.

Exam topics

The following topics are general guidelines for the content likely to be included on the exam. However, other related topics may also appear on any specific delivery of the exam. In order to better reflect the contents of the exam and for clarity purposes, the guidelines below may change at any time without notice.

38%    1.0   Advanced Cisco Expressway Features

  • 1.1   Cisco Video Network Solutions
  • 1.2   Cisco Expressway Basic Setup
  • 1.3   Regular Expressions in a Cisco Expressway Environment
  • 1.4   Components of Cisco Expressway Security
  • 1.5   Fundamentals of Subzones on a Cisco Expressway
  • 1.6   Call Control on a Cisco Expressway
  • 1.7   Subzone Bandwidth Management on a Cisco Expressway
  • 1.8   Zones on a Cisco Expressway
  • 1.9   Clustering on the Cisco Expressway
  • 1.10  Troubleshooting on the Cisco Expressway

15%   2.0   Advanced Cisco Meeting Server Features

  • 2.1   The Cisco Meeting Server
  • 2.2   Cisco Meeting Server API Configuration
  • 2.3   Cisco Meeting Server Resilient and Scalable Deployments
  • 2.4   Additional Features with Cisco Meeting Server

13%   3.0   Cisco Collaboration Meeting Room Solutions with Cisco TelePresence Server

  • 3.1   Cisco CMR Premises and Hybrid Products
  • 3.2   Cisco TelePresence Server and Cisco TelePresence Conductor Deployments
  • 3.3   Troubleshooting CMR Premises Solutions

19%   4.0   Cisco TelePresence Management Suite Solution

  • 4.1   Cisco TMS Installation
  • 4.2   Cisco TMS Operation
  • 4.3   Cisco TMS Conference Scheduling and Management
  • 4.4   Cisco TMS Administration Permissions
  • 4.5   Troubleshooting Cisco TMS

15%   5.0   Cisco Cloud Solutions

  • 5.1   Cisco WebEx and Spark Cloud Solutions
  • 5.2   Spark Administration Configuration
  • 5.3   LDAP and Exchange Integration with Cisco Spark Configuration
  • 5.4   Spark APIs and BOTs Configuration

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