Offer new services to passengers, workers, and tenants for greater mobility and collaboration.


Offer efficient traffic management, cargo routing, and security for the world’s ports.

Mass transit

Track each fleet vehicle’s location, gain predictive maintenance capabilities, and offer uninterrupted Wi-Fi to passengers.


Improve operational efficiency, simplify maintenance, and provide Wi-Fi onboard trains, at the trackside, and in stations.


Reduce traffic congestion and help save lives by providing safety and dynamic rerouting updates to travellers.


Improve the communications between vehicles and from vehicles to surrounding infrastructure, such as traffic signals.

See how it all comes together

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Video - roadways and vehicles

Learn how cars are connecting to the roadways, other vehicles, and surrounding infrastructure.

Achieve these outcomes today


Prevent accidents and collision-related deaths by providing safer travel alternatives.


Prevent breaches that could jeopardize your operations.

Operational efficiency

Reduce human errors and update delays with automated software actions.


Help people get from place to place easier and faster so they can be more productive.

What’s new


Begin to automate your operations by processing data and analytics at the edge.


Want high speed Wi-Fi onboard trains?

OT and IT Security

Secure your entire operations even with the growth of the IoT.

Connected Roadways

Learn to reduce traffic, save lives, and curtail carbon emissions.