The Salvation Army

Protecting 150 years of service to the community

Creating a “force multiplier” to prevent phishing attacks.

When some of the key members were hit with a phishing attack, the team of two managing their national complex network was outnumbered. They needed a “force multiplier”. Learn how Cisco helped The Salvation Army in keeping their security operation under control.

About The Salvation Army Australia

On the 5th September 1880, Edward Saunders and John Gore led the first Salvation Army meeting in Australia from the back of a greengrocer's cart in Adelaide's Botanic Park.

When Gore said, "If there's a man here who hasn't had a square meal today, let him come home to tea with me," little did he realise that within a century, The Salvation Army would feed hundreds of thousands of Australians each year.




  • Protecting donators and client’s data in a surge of phishing attacks
  • Managing 3 different solutions across 4 different organisation arms
  • Having a small team to manage complex national network


Delivered a fully integrated solution that provided a 'force multiplier' for security operations team.

Delivered a streamlined operational model via Cisco TAC.

Cisco Secure X Threat Response provided The Salvation Army with actionable intelligence and a single incident response capability to reduce time to detect and respond to ongoing cyber incidents.

The Salvation Army with the help of Security trusted partner Outcomex have been able to fast track adoption of the services to deliver value for their investment. 

I’ve got a team of two managing that complex national network. And some of our key people had been hit with a phishing attack.We needed a force multiplier.That’s why we’ve put our trust in Cisco 

Interview with Lachlan McGill, Executive Manager Cybersecurity of The Salvation Army, Australia.