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Embracing the New Era

Solving complex challenges.  Delivering the digital future.  That’s the power of YOU with Cisco.  Together we are transforming to OWN the opportunity.

Right place, right time, right action

Learn about Cisco Catalyst Center and the newest in assurance and analytics. Watch the 60-minute announcement.

Digital Business

Digital business is here. It’s no longer a question of what, why, or when. It’s happening and it’s big. Customers of all shapes and sizes are seeing the benefits and making significant investments.

IDC predicts worldwide spending on digital transformation technologies will expand at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 16.8% through 2019 to more than $2.1 trillion.

Customer Needs

Leading-edge customers are reimagining how they do business. This means applying technology to build new business models, processes, software, and systems. Through this transformation, they create new customer experiences, enable advanced business models, and drive workforce innovation.

Customer Experiences

Business Models

Workforce Innovation

We need to own the conversation with our customers.

Chuck Robbins

A new network for a new era

In a world where everything is connected, you need a network that is constantly learning, adapting, and protecting. Cisco brings this idea to life—with analytics, machine learning, and security built in.

The Network. Intuitive. Powered by intent.

Informed by context.

Growing more intuitive every day.

New Era Requires Sales Evolution

To unlock the $2.1T opportunity, we are going to have to sell differently. This means you will need to sell higher into the line of business. Sell wider across the customer lifecycle. Sell deeper with industry expertise. Combine this with connecting and fostering relationships with ecosystem partners and leveraging the new consumption model to create new, more profitable sales routes.

That’s when you unlock the value.


Value of new model:

Access new buyers, increase relevance, sell more software and services, increase gross margins, and grow sales 5-7x

Enabling your success

No one can do it alone. We strive to be your most strategic asset and to propel your success through this transformation. We’ll help you develop new value for your products and services, create recurring revenue opportunities, and win with other ecosystem partners. We can guide your digital business with training, sales enablement, marketing resources, incentives, and more. All of this while making it easier for you to align and do business with us.

Case studies

Leveling the playing field

A school district expands student horizons with help from the Cisco partner ecosystem.


Become a partner

Value-added resellers

Sell and support products, services, and solutions for your customers.


Build and deliver managed and cloud services.

ISVs and IHVs

Develop, test, market, sell, and connect with other channel partners.


Design our products and solutions within your own solutions.

Lifecycle advisors

Help customers adopt, expand, and renew to see the value of solutions.