Cisco NX-OS

Cisco NX-OS operating system helps networks move at the speed of business.

Features and benefits

NX-OS is the network operating system that powers the modern data center.

Architectural flexibility

NX-OS helps scale your data center as your workload and apps grow.

  • Scalable workloads with VXLAN EVPN
  • Efficient use of network resources through multi-tenancy
  • Choice of overlay technologies with segment routing and VXLAN
  • Disaster recovery and business continuity with VXLAN multisite

The programmability of NX-OS accelerates provisioning from days to minutes to simplify deployments.

  • Complete integration with Cisco DCNM for comprehensive management
  • Easy configuration through industry-standard APIs
  • Full Integration with DevOps automation tools
  • Streamlined tooling with native docker support

End-to-end visibility

Deep visibility for both data and control planes helps secure your data center and quickly remediates issues.

  • Optimise network with granular flow and ASIC telemetry
  • Prevent network outages with control plane visibility and model-driven telemetry
  • Protect against snooping and cyber attack with MACSEC encryption
  • Secure endpoints and workloads with 802.1X authentication

Manage your data center network with Cisco NX-OS

Build a reliable data center network, prevent downtime, and resolve network issues quickly.

Segment Routing

Build scalable networks with SRv6 architecture to reduce network operational complexity and enable Data Center Interconnection (DCI) with Core/WAN 

Customised and secure

Manage workloads flexibly and securely. NX-OS allows you to customise the network based on business needs, allowing DevOps to bring up fabrics in minutes as they innovate.

Easy to expand

Build production applications and networks for media that are cost-effective and that scale easily.

SaltStack network automation integrated with Cisco NX-OS software is crucial for the IBM Cloud network. Together, SaltStack and Cisco are helping us eliminate human error, scale our deployments, manage configuration, and ensure security and regulatory compliance. There is no way for us to operate at this level of scale without automation. SaltStack is the answer for us.

- Brian Armstrong, IBM Cloud Network Engineering Executive

Improve results with our services

Cisco services help determine IT readiness, simplify operations, and reduce risk through expert guidance and centralised support.

Networking software subscriptions

Cisco Smart Licensing is a flexible and secure licensing model that provides an easier, faster and more consistent way to purchase, activate, manage, renew and upgrade software products across the Cisco portfolio and across your organisation.

Networking Essentials

For single data centres. Includes both NX-OS or ACI management and operations capabilities.

Networking Advantage

For multiple data centres and/or clouds. Includes advanced capabilities on top of Networking Essentials.

Networking Premier

For multiple data centres and/or clouds. Get Networking Advantage plus Assurance and Insights Day 2 ops.

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