Webex Teams case study with Tribes Inspiring Workplaces

“Every day, we celebrate the nomad spirit."
For Eduard Schaepman and Jasper Bekkering, the old, dull workspaces sparked an exciting new vision.

Company: Tribes Inspiring Workplaces

Sector: Workspaces

Employees: >100

Founded: February 1995

Company website: tribes.world/en/

Solution: Collaboration


We go where the business is

Office spaces to rent used to be plain, white cubes. And if you needed one, you’d hire an anonymous desk, computer and chair, and work away in silence.

But for two self-declared ‘business nomads’, these dull workspaces sparked an exciting new vision.

Eduard Schaepman and Jasper Bekkering knew that digital innovation could offer new co-working choices.

Why shouldn’t we feel inspired at work? Why can’t we meet and connect as we want, and from anywhere? Why shouldn’t we be able to work our way?

Eduard had admired the spirit of freedom in tribes around the world

Eduard had seen the spirit of freedom at work in the ways of nomadic tribes around the world. Even his ancestors were nomadic herders. It’s in his blood. So in 2015, Tribes Inspiring Workplaces was born.

Each flexible, connected Tribes workspace is inspired by a real tribe. The Ethiopian Suri (Amsterdam Amstel). The north-European Sami (Brussels City Centre). The Mongolian Dukha (Frankfurt Garden Tower)… And to drive home its vision, Tribes even built a pop-up office at the beach in Knokke, Belgium. They provided Wi-Fi, plug-and-play devices – oh, and cocktails. Everything you’d need to work your way.

Customers who come to Tribes get a tailored, world-class service. Want to book by the hour, at short notice? No problem. All offices and lounges have ergonomic furniture, controllable air-con and adjustable lighting. How about cafés, restaurants, pop-up stores, fitness areas? Take your pick.

By 2018, Tribes could offer inspiring spaces for ‘business nomads’ in 23 locations across the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. Their business had won multiple awards for Best National Flexible Workplace, with judges praising the inspiring atmosphere, quality services and superb coffee.

Cisco is providing the tools that bring the Tribes nomadic vision to life

Tribes’ rapid growth is based on choice, flexibility and the freedom to collaborate. And Cisco is providing the tools that help bring this unique vision to life.

For example, Cisco video-conferencing solutions have made remote team-working easy. Using the Cisco Webex Board, team members can sketch, edit and share ideas, wherever they are.

For me, [the Webex Boards from Cisco] mean I have to travel less... You can agree an organizational chart across different countries within an hour... I’m becoming a digital nomad – and the benefit for me personally is, I’m more relaxed.

Eduard Schaepman, Founder, Tribes


Tribes finds Cisco tech simple to set up and use. It’s also flexible, enabling their fast-growing business to use as little as they need while being ready to scale up quickly and easily.

Eduard adds: ‘With everything we’ve got from Cisco, the connection is even better.’ That’s because Cisco Meraki-enabled Wi-Fi provides excellent connectivity through the cloud. And everything’s enterprise-grade secure, thanks to proactive network security from Cisco Umbrella.

With the soul of an independent business, and after just three years, Tribes Inspiring Workplaces is looking very like a global player. It’s going places – big and fast – just like the trailblazing nomads who inspired it.

Collaborate like the Best


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