Case Study: Republic and Canton of Jura

Canton of Jura launches eGovernment Services

Collaborative Technology Bridges the Digital Divide and Increases Citizen Access to Local Services



  • Government services are missing complementary technology, such as video
  • The cantonal leadership wanted to connect remote locations to central sevices
  • The pandemic situation demands new ways to connect experts to citizens
  • The IT department of the city wanted to digitize services aligned with the ICT cantonal strategy


  • Delivery of new services via video to citizens, by integrating websites inside WebEx Desk Pro
  • Citizens can connect to government experts without the need to travel, in an instant
  • Usage of WebEx API programmability to enable citizen satisfaction questionnaires and usage of analytics to measure new eGov program success
  • Bridging the digital divide by enabling a more inclusive service to citizens in remote locations

What they’re saying

Services should be easy to navigate online without excluding anyone based on digital literacy level or type of device used. The straightforward simplicity we have experienced from Cisco throughout this project supports our effort to reach as many citizens as possible.

David De Groote, eGovernment Manager at République et Canton du Jura

What is the Canton of Jura

Industry: Public, Jura is one of the 26 Swiss cantons with 64 municipalities

Location: Switzerland

Size: 323.75 sq mi and 73,584 population