Coles Innovates in Retail

With technology at the center of Coles's operations, the Wi-Fi environment is critical. Together, the Coles and Cisco teams have successfully helped to ensure a stable and proactive network environment.

Story highlights


  • Improve Wi-Fi experience in supermarkets and offices
  • Enhance seamless operations across multiple devices
  • Increase visibility into network, devices and applications


  • Greatly improved employee experience in stores
  • Improved operational visibility and resolved key issues faster, with reduced mean-time-to-resolution
  • Improved operational readiness and response times

The story

The time to resolutions has gone from days, weeks, or even not knowing, to being able to identify the issue in hours.

Andrew Greaney, Head of Technology Services, Coles


Industry: Retail

Company size: 120,000 employees

Location: Melbourne, Australia