Building a Secure Future at Fonds Finanz

Discover Fonds Finanz's journey to robust IT security using Cisco's advanced security solutions, leading to a standardized and secure infrastructure, fostering a new level of confidence within the organization.

Story highlights


  • The need to bolster cybersecurity to address ever-increasing threats
  • Non standardized, legacy infrastructure
  • The goal of implementing more proactive security to reduce risk


  • Proactive security monitoring to get ahead of threats before they happen
  • More secure and standardized infrastructure, from one single vendor
  • Threats blocked with Cisco Security, preventing outages and reducing risk

The story

With Cisco CX it's going to be a long-term partnership. They're securing us, securing our environment, and securing our growth.

Michael Shaver, Director of Infrastructure & Operations, Fonds Finanz


Industry: Financial services

Company size: 420 employees

Location: Munich, Germany