Generali enhances network for 24/7 connectivity

Riccardo Bortoletti, Network Administrator for Generali, uses CX Cloud to help ensure a reliable, stable, and secure network to enhance the customer experience

Story highlights

  • Reduced time to open TAC cases from days to minutes
  • Optimized costs with improved license and network usage
  • Increased network reliability and security


Riccardo Bortoletti is Network Administrator at Generali, responsible for monitoring software and the network for updates, addressing any performance issues, and protecting the network infrastructure from vulnerabilities. Riccardo shares his experience using Cisco CX Cloud to gain visibility, save costs, and streamline case management for Generali.

Generali is the oldest insurance company in Europe. For over 190 years, we have been protecting our customers’ homes, lives, and families with premium insurance. Our customers expect the highest quality of services, and this relies on the quality of our infrastructure.

A large part of my role as a network administrator is maintaining this quality for our customers by avoiding network downtime and keeping software and licenses up to date. 

Customers need to have easy and immediate access to the Generali customer portal on our website or the mobile app so they can view their insurance policies, pay invoices, update their accounts, and submit and track status of their claims 24/7. If the network is down, these services are impacted and that negatively affects the customer experience.


Challenges of a large and complex network infrastructure

In the past, we had challenges with visibility into and reliability of our network. The huge size of our network makes it difficult to keep track of multiple different versions of software and monitoring products for end of life. This left the network open to vulnerabilities which could be found in every part of the software or hardware in our infrastructure.

To manage these issues, we had to manually track information within Excel. Information was hard to find, and this caused issues when trying to solve problems that required product information, like ordering replacement parts and working through technical issues with TAC. The process to open a case was difficult and cumbersome, sometimes taking days. 

The time saved and the visibility from CX Cloud has changed how we manage, respond, and secure the network.

—Riccardo Bortoletti, Network Administrator, Generali

Visibility and insights within a single panel

I realized we needed a better way to gain insight and visibility into our network so that we could ensure the network reliability and security required to provide the best possible experience to our employees and our end customers. That’s when I discovered Cisco CX Cloud, part of Cisco Success Tracks. I knew this is what we needed to better manage our network to offer the premium services that our customers expect.

CX Cloud provides the real-time visibility we need to keep our network up and running, all in a single pane of glass. With CX Cloud, we now have a better understanding of everything going on in the network, and we can easily export reports to provide insights.

Within a single panel, we can view the end-of-life status of switches and routers, displaying vulnerabilities and helping us avoid down time or outages. We can fix these vulnerabilities before they become a serious problem, giving our customers a more reliable and consistent experience. 

CX Cloud provides real results to ensure reliability and security. I don’t have to worry about manually collecting data like I did before. I can easily and quickly access all product information that I need, such as serial numbers and type of machine, and real time data that changes with use of products.

The ability to track license expirations and usages in CX Cloud helps us optimize costs and more efficiently use our network, allowing us more time and resources to invest in innovation to keep our customers happy and equipped with the information they need.

Simplified case management with CX Cloud

Managing our network is easier than ever before, including case management. CX Cloud has significantly simplified and reduced the time it takes for us to open a TAC case.

The information we get from CX Cloud helps us communicate easily with TAC engineers to get to the root of a problem within minutes. And, with just the click of a button, we have all the product information we need to find answers and solutions.

As a network engineer, CX Cloud has simplified my life—and this is what I love.

—Riccardo Bortoletti, Network Administrator, Generali

The time saved and the visibility from CX Cloud has changed how we manage, respond, and secure the network. Now that the network management is simpler, we don’t have to worry about vulnerabilities and software data anymore. We can concentrate on other ways to continue improving our network, and we can spend more time dedicated to providing a better experience for our customers. 

Innovating for the future

A reliable and stable network gives me and my team peace of mind and allows us to accomplish more.

With quality infrastructure, we can deliver quality services with efficiency and better performance. We have the flexibility we need to continue delivering new services to our customers and continuing to grow in our mission to help customers to shape a safer and more sustainable future, by caring for their lives and their dreams.

Industry: Financial services

Company size: 85.24 billion EUR (2021 revenue)

Location: Italy