Driving sustainability through CX and managed services

Bob Bailkoski, CEO, and Toby Alcock, CTO, share how Logicalis and Cisco CX are helping customers achieve sustainable business outcomes.

Story Highlights


  • Address climate change through IT solutions
  • Help customers improve environmental performance
  • Deliver stronger value and open new opportunities to drive sustainable practices

Customers’ outcomes

  • Real-time view of the entire digital ecosystem to reduce environmental impact
  • Enhanced carbon efficiency of the IT infrastructure
  • Reduced water and energy consumption

The Story

The Cisco and Logicalis partnership is aligned and geared towards helping customers drive measurable progress in the fight against climate change.

-Bob Bailkoski, CEO, Logicalis Group

Cisco brings us a global impact and a much wider perspective beyond our customer base. The technology integration and data telemetry are at the core of our sustainability strategy with Cisco.

-Toby Alcock, CTO, Logicalis Group

Industry: Managed services

Company size: 7,000 employees worldwide

Location: Maidenhead, United Kingdom