Cisco Smart Net Total Care

Key resources to help you get the most out of Cisco Smart Net Total Care

Your Cisco Smart Net Total Care Resource Guide

This page will provide you with key resources and step-by-step instructions to get the most out of Smart Net Total Care.

First make sure you create a Cisco ID and associate it to your contract. (Need help? Watch this video to learn how.) Then explore each feature of Smart Net Total Care below.

Cisco Technical Assistance Center (TAC)

Get access to technical support online or via phone, email, or mobile app. Review the resources below to learn about the TAC and understand best practices when interacting with the TAC.

Get to know the TAC and open a case

The Cisco Technical Support mobile app provides access to the Cisco TAC anytime, anywhere. Learn more.

Hardware Returns and Replacements

Explore the resources below to understand Cisco’s Product Returns & Replacements (RMA) process, including how to create, search, and track your RMA.

Understand and submit hardware returns and replacements

You can view, manage, and track your return directly in the Cisco Technical Support mobile app. Learn more.

Smart Net Total Care Portal

The Cisco Smart Net Total Care portal reduces risk and ensures compliance by providing security and targeted product alerts, last day of support (LDoS) details, and visibility into network device changes. Follow the steps below to complete your portal setup, starting with registering for portal access.

Register for Smart Net Total Care portal access

Prepare your environment

Deploy and register the collector

Discover devices and upload the inventory

Log in to the portal

  • Logging in to the portal - Log in to the Smart Net Total Care portal to start getting the most out of your investment.

  • Running reports - Find the reports that can help you achieve your goals and learn how to use them.

Need help accessing the portal? Connect with the TAC anytime, anywhere with the Cisco Technical Support mobile app. Learn more.

Online Tools and Software Upgrades

Explore the resources below to understand available online tools to help you increase performance of software, add new functionality, and enhance the stability of your network and business applications.

Access and get to know useful online tools

  • Cisco Bug Search Tool - Conduct a search in the Cisco Bug Search Tool.

  • Cisco Notification Services - Receive email alerts or consume RSS feeds for Cisco products, series, or software.

  • Support Talks - Register for a live interactive session to understand the variety of Cisco support tools, technologies, and resources.

Access and understand My Devices

  • My Devices at a glance - Learn about My Devices and the ability to view support, service contract, and installed base information for your Cisco devices.

  • My Devices support - Report an error or issue or renew your contract with My Devices support.

  • My Devices user guide - Receive an overview of My Devices, including how to get started, and how to manage, locate, and view your devices.

  • Getting started with My Devices - Access My Devices anytime for visibility into product details, contract and warranty status, device lifecycle status, and more.

Engage and Connect

Join Cisco Community for Smart Net Total Care

The Cisco Community offers a vibrant peer-to-peer network focused on Smart Net Total Care. Join today for best practices, quick tips, and answers to FAQs.