Cisco HyperFlex with AMD EPYC Processors

Cisco HyperFlex
with AMD EPYC Processors:

The world’s fastest processors bring your workloads to life on the industry’s best hyperconverged platform*

Cisco welcomes AMD EPYC™ processors
to power your Cisco HyperFlex™ systems

AMD EPYC processor-powered nodes offer a full range of compute and storage-optimized choices with the power to propel the most performance-sensitive workloads

Simplify with Cloud managed Cisco HyperFlex

  • Simplify infrastructure operations using Cisco Intersight
  • Intelligently visualize, optimize and orchestrate all your applications and infrastructure
  • Deploy with flexibility using modular upgrades that allow you to pay as you grow

Supercharge your apps

  • Deploy AMD EPYC processors when you need higher core counts to support denser user base
  • Tune your infrastructure for VDI, virtualized private & hybrid-cloud, and database management systems
  • Lower capital and operating costs when supporting virtualized and cloud environments for excellent economics

Streamline your infrastructure

  • Deploy and expand HyperFlex converged and compute nodes in your data center
  • Power your remote-office and branch-office locations using Hyperflex Edge
  • Boost performance further with all-flash nodes

...extending our HyperFlex portfolio with high virtual machine density and the capability to power the most performance-sensitive workloads

An “EPYC” advantage

Gain the inherent advantages these
processors bring to hyperconverged workloads

Compute density

Up to 64 cores on each processor drives performance and lowers TCO

High performance

HyperFlex systems leverages Cisco UCS servers that have set 14 world-record performance bench marks

Advanced security features

Modernize with a multilayered approach to security. Built-in security features such as Secure Memory Encryption (SME) helps protect you from memory hacks†

Excellent Economics

Helps lower operating expenses for power, cooling and administration

Cisco Sets 14 New Performance Records

Simplified deployment

AMD EPYC processors extend the HyperFlex portfolio

Choose 1RU for space and power constrainted environments (Edge and branch locations). Deploy hybrid nodes or boost performance with all flash versions

Choose 2RU for high performance and maximum storage capacity with up to 26 capacity drives

Choose your density

Power your hybrid cloud

Transform data center infrastructure and hybrid-cloud operations

Simplify the lifecycle management of your data center, remote office, branch office, industrial, and edge locations using Cisco’s leading Intersight management platform

Cisco Intersight

Cisco HyperFlex with AMD EPYC processors bringing you hyperconverged density, efficiency, and security features allowing you to simplify with cloud operations, supercharge your apps and streamline your infrastructure

* MLN-016B: Results as of 07/06/2021 using SPECrate®2017_int_base. The AMD EPYC 7763 scored 854, which is higher than all other 2P scores published on the SPEC® website. SPEC®, SPECrate® and SPEC CPU® are registered trademarks of the Standard Performance Evaluation Corporation. See for more information

†AMD Infinity Guard features vary by EPYC™ Processor generations. Infinity Guard security features must be enabled by server OEMs and/or Cloud Service Providers to operate. Check with your OEM or provider to confirm support of these features. Learn more about Infinity Guard at GD-183