5 reasons to upgrade your network with Cisco Spaces

1. Access from a single dashboard

Centralize control and visibility into location services via a single dashboard with 24/7 monitoring and end-to-end service-level agreements (SLAs) to help ensure performance. 

2. Maintain a trusted workplace

Set up workplace density thresholds to monitor the number of employees and customers in buildings. Gain insights on behaviors like frequency and duration of visits to understand how spaces are being used.

Intercontinental Hotels Group deployed Cisco Spaces to improve guests’ Internet experience for more than 5000 hotels and improved customer satisfaction by 10%.¹ 

3. Optimize your operations

Monitor and track assets based on where they are and how they connect to your wireless network to make business processes and operations more efficient and to reduce operation costs. 

4. Expand platform capabilities

Drive business outcomes across industry verticals through an ecosystem of industry-specific partner applications and APIs. Enjoy compatibility with all Cisco wireless solutions, including Wi-Fi 6.

After deploying Cisco Spaces, the Norwegian Professional Football League experienced a 13% growth in Wi-Fi usage at venues and a 22% rise in opt-ins for personalized engagements.²

5. Seamlessly onboard guests

Work seamlessly with Cisco OpenRoaming, a powerful way to keep your guests connected via uninterrupted, secure Wi-Fi onboarding.

Network insights for the new workplace

Get the most out of your existing wireless investment with Cisco Spaces.

Upgrade your wireless experience and leverage your valuable data today.