Campus Network Assurance

IT needs to improve network availability and performance as employees and customers demand a high-quality experience every time they connect to the network.

  • Identify and solve network issues faster and even avoid issues as the network can provide real-time analytical capability.
  • Provide network visibility and assurance across the entirety of the campus infrastructure from a single pane of glass.
  • Monitor the network and identify unusual behavior for security or performance mitigation with enterprise-scale artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML).
Campus Network Assurance
90% Reduction Time

in time for issue detection and resolution. 1

75% Reduction Alerts

in alerts with DNA Assurance AI/ML. 1


Network Device Onboarding

The network needs to move as fast as the business. Automating network deployment and software maintenance allows IT organizations to move faster in designing, configuring, and deploying new services.

  • Provides robust automation capabilities for onboarding network devices and maintains consistent software and security versions (LAN and WLAN) throughout the network lifecycle
  • Automate the network with Cisco Catalyst Center saves time, reduces the potential risks of manual processes, and reduces time and expenses
  • A single automation solution for the entire campus infrastructure, both for day-0 deployments and day-1+ changes
  • Design the network before the physical site is up to increase flexibility and agility
Network Device Onboarding
67% provisioning time savings

provisioning time savings. 1

75% Reduction Alerts

Customer saves 3-4 hours every time deploying a server. 2


Campus Software Image Management

Network performance and security compliance requires up-to-date and consistent network images across the entire network. Manage the discovery and integration of new software versions and security patches with no or little IT staff effort.

  • Automate network upgrades, software image management, and infrastructure refreshes with Cisco Catalyst Center
  • Maintain a consistency of software and features through the LAN and WLAN infrastructure
  • Decrease number of security and configuration incidents and platform vulnerabilities
  • Ensure the infrastructure is capable of a successful upgrade by verifying hardware compatibility and sufficient memory
Campus Software Image Management
Reduce IT OpEx by up to 80%

Reduce IT OpEx by up to 80%. 3


Campus Network Segmentation

Design a network that can automatically segment users and devices. The result is a network that can automatically recognize things and provision the appropriate policy.

  • Provides a single platform that enables enhanced ability to define both macro and micro-segmentation for scalability and flexibility
  • A single network fabric the enables a consistent user experience anywhere without compromising security
  • Combines robust device profiling with segmentation policy, enabling automatic security segmentation for IoT devices
Network Device Onboarding
30 minutes to segment the network

Network segmentation from
hours to 30 minutes. 4


Scalable Access

Security policies should be different depending on the user, device they use or thing. A secure access network can automatically recognize and apply policies through the organization.

  • Provides the ability to connect an increasing number of device types
  • Create and implement dynamic security capabilities by user, device and application
  • These policies can be automatically implemented in conjunction with segmentation capabilities
  • Dramatically reduce security risk associated with network access, both wired and wireless
Scalable Access Policy
67% reduction in cost

in cost a hosptial
in LA. 5

10 times faster

faster than before with Cisco SD-Access. 6


Location Analytics

Eliminate the physical blind spot and understand how people and things interact on physical spaces. Leverage existing Wi-Fi infrastructure to gain actionable insights, deliver contextual engagements, and drive business outcomes.

  • Gain centralized control over and visibility into location services via a single role-based dashboard
  • Enhance customer experiences by gaining insights into people (visitors and employees) and deliver relevant experiences at the right time and place
  • Improve the efficiency of business operations and reduce costs through asset management
  • Increase attachment rates and gain actional insights with OpenRoaming and open up new opportunities for you and your guests
Location Analytics
13% increase in user acquistion

in user acquistion. 7

10% increase in guest satisfaction (InterContinental Hotels Group)

in guest satisfaction. 8

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