Hybrid cloud is changing fast

Hybrid cloud is changing fast

IT organizations are adapting to the increased pace of digital innovation and the rapid growth of distributed, cloud-native applications

82% of respondents currently use hybrid cloud

Top two challenges for hybrid cloud adoption

  • Security concerns
  • Increased operational complexity

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How you can address the demands of hybrid cloud

Build cloud-ready

Modernize with cloud-managed infrastructure designed for simplified automation and continuous delivery

38% of organizations plan to modernize mission-critical and legacy applications in place and 25% plan to refactor and shift

Operate cloud-smart

Connect to the clouds of your choice, stay in control, and optimize everywhere to deliver better outcomes

79% tell us that more than half of their workloads will run on different hardware across all environments, which reinforces the need for a comprehensive toolset for managing workloads regardless of where they reside

Cisco Hybrid Cloud solutions are


Compatible with any cloud infrastructure, avoiding lock-in


Delivering infrastructure automation and ease of administration


Open and adaptable to diverse environments and consumption models


Mitigate risk, reduce costs, and assure application performance with analytics-driven recommendations and insight

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The 2022 Global Hybrid Cloud Trends Report is based on a survey of 2,500 of your peers.

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Source: 2022 Global Hybrid Cloud Trends Report by 451 Research, part of S&P Global Market Intelligence, commissioned by Cisco.