Hybrid Work Index

June 2022

Experiencing the Future of Work

Agility, Resilience, and Productivity in the Hybrid Work Era

The future of work has arrived, and it is hybrid.

The flexibility and agility with which organizations enabled employees through a pandemic has become a framework that will build a stronger future. Productivity has been fueled by employees’ newfound elasticity and an evolution of leadership style. Adoption and implementation of technology is being redefined to support a resilient, customized future of work.

Cisco’s Hybrid Work Index is based on millions of global data points — from the user to the network — assembling insights to help you:

  • Attract and retain top talent.
  • Increase your competitive edge with improved agility and accelerated innovation.
  • Optimize safety and security in a work from anywhere world.


There is no part of an organization that exists in isolation from the whole. Hybrid work is unifying how we work differently so we can all work better.

Wellbeing is Driven by Flexibility and Engaged Leadership

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Resilience Enables Scalable Responses to Security Needs

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Inclusive Experiences Flex to Keep Every Workstyle Productive

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Growing Digital Experiences Require Agile Adaptation

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