Cisco data center switches

Data center switches

Anchor your hybrid cloud networking strategy

Ultra-reliable performance. Scalable infrastructure. Put a data center powerhouse at the heart of your network and be amazed at what's possible.

Cutting-edge features that improve sustainability

Data Center Switch

This is modular switching redefined. Unbox the Cisco Nexus 9800 Series.

Expect more from your data center and storage network infrastructure with Cisco Nexus and Cisco MDS switches.  

Industry-leading performance

Get deep visibility, tighter security, and faster application performance with Cisco silicon.

Scalable infrastructure

Virtualization, high density, and performance all support efficient growth.

Easy programming

Automate from day-zero to day-n with programmable tools.

Energy efficiency

Efficient power and cooling drive sustainable data center operations, helping to lower your total cost of ownership.

Data center switches

Data center switches designed for hybrid harmony

Cisco Nexus 9300 Series switches

If spine and leaf or top-of-rack are your style, these fixed switches support ports from 1G to 400G.

Cisco Nexus 9400 Series switches

These switches pack high performance and density plus better telemetry into a compact, modular design.

Nexus 9500 Series switches

Enterprise or high growth? Modular configurations can support you with ports from 1G to 400G.

Nexus 9800 Series switches

Get high-density 400G switching that's designed for 800G adoption and beyond.

400G switching family

Bandwidth like you’ve never known. Adopt 400G with confidence in a family of 1, 2, and 4 RU switches.


Fiber-optic transceiver modules to accelerate your network connections.

Cisco Nexus 3000 Series switches

Purpose-built low-latency switches to support business-critical applications and performance.

Nexus 3550 Series portfolio

Design efficient, low-latency networks with programmable platforms, switches, and smart adapters.

Cisco MDS 9700 Series

A SAN director with scale, performance, integrated analytics, and superior port density.

MDS 9300 Series

Next-generation high-density fabric switch with integrated analytics and telemetry.

MDS 9200 Series

High-performance SAN extension, disaster recovery, intelligent fabrics, and multiprotocol connectivity.

MDS 9100 Series

Flexible and agile, highly available and secure, and easy to use, with visibility to every flow.

Cisco Nexus Dashboard

Configure, operate, and analyze, all from one place, across data center and public cloud.

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Cisco Enterprise Agreement

Bring the power and breadth of our entire technology portfolio under a single, simplified agreement.

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Build modern, agile IT environments with advisory services designed to help you adapt and transform.

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Make sure your data center moves at the speed of business. Get expert guidance on emerging trends and new technology.