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Cisco Industrial IoT Networking

The future of smart, connected industries

Take your industrial operations to the next level. Discover automated, intelligent, and secure industrial switching, routing, and wireless solutions that let you do more, know more, and protect more.

Industry-leading networking, purpose built for operational technology (OT)

Learn how the power of Cisco networking innovations can help you create advanced industrial IoT networks that make your operations more flexible, secure, and efficient.

Toughen up your network

Deploy rock-solid industrial networks with rugged switches, routers, and wireless equipment that support your industrial control protocols while meeting the toughest industry certifications.

Security and visibility are standard

Keep your industrial systems up and running with advanced cybersecurity and visibility features that give a detailed view of your network, connected devices, and security posture.

Enterprise-grade networking, made for OT

Unlock the potential of Industry 4.0 and cloud-delivered services to stay ahead of the game. Cisco industrial network equipment brings advanced IT capabilities to your industrial use cases.

Enjoy simplified network automation

Reduce deployment time and costs, build agile industrial operations, and scale seamlessly with the Cisco network management and automation technologies that your IT team already knows and loves.

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See what’s possible when you unite your edge

cisco industrial switches, industrial routers, and industrial wireless products

Unleash your industrial IoT potential

Cisco Catalyst IE3x00 Rugged Series

All GE, modular, and DIN rail–mounted with PoE and edge compute for scalable, secure industrial networking.

Cisco Catalyst IE3400 Heavy Duty Series

Advanced industrial switches in a dust- and waterproof IP67 enclosure, so you stay connected in harsh environments.

Cisco Catalyst IE9300 Rugged Series

High-performance industrial rack-mount switches built for the most demanding network requirements.

Cisco Industrial Ethernet 5000 Series

Resilient and scalable aggregation for industrial environments.

Cisco Catalyst Embedded Series Switches

Ultra-compact board design, designed for integration with industrial machines and systems.

Cisco Catalyst IR1100 Rugged Series

Securely connect remote industrial operations with this rugged, compact, and modular SD-WAN-enabled router.

Cisco Catalyst IR1800 Rugged Series

Digitize your mobile edge with this high-performance, modular, 5G and Wi-Fi 6 router.

Cisco Catalyst IR8100 Heavy Duty Series

Unite your outdoor edge with this IP67-rated and SD-WAN–enabled router that’s fully modular.

Cisco Catalyst IR8300 Rugged Series

Deliver peak industrial networking and SD-WAN performance with rugged all-in-one routing and switching.

Cisco Catalyst Embedded Series Routers

Embed this ultra-compact board design in your industrial systems and enjoy secure, reliable connections.

Cisco Catalyst industrial Wi-Fi

Access points and clients connecting machines and IoT devices in outdoor, industrial, and hazardous environments.

Cisco Ultra-Reliable Wireless Backhaul

Ultra-reliable, low-latency wireless backhaul (Cisco URWB) for mission-critical fixed and mobile OT or IT applications.

Cisco industrial cellular 4G/5G

Modular 4G/5G routers to connect industrial operations over the ideal public or private cellular network.

Cisco LoRaWAN

Connect battery-powered IoT devices and sensors over large areas to unlock operational insights.

Cisco Resilient Mesh

Create a multiservice and scalable field-area network with this Wi-SUN–compliant 802.15.4 router.

Cisco Catalyst ESS9300 Embedded Series

Ultra-compact and ruggedized embedded switches with ten 10GE ports.

Cisco Embedded Services 3300 Series

Ultra-compact and ruggedized embedded switches with 2 ports of 10GE and up to 24 GE ports.

Cisco ESR6300 Embedded Series Router

Embed this ultra-compact board design in your machines and enjoy reliable connectivity in extreme environments.

Cisco 6300 Series Embedded Access Points

Enterprise-grade Wi-Fi access point designed for integration with your industrial hardware.

Cisco Edge Intelligence

Improve efficiency with a simpler data flow from the IoT edge to multicloud business applications.

Cisco IOx for edge applications

Easily run IoT applications at the industrial edge across Cisco routers, switches, and compute modules.

Cisco IC3000 Industrial Compute Gateway

Add compute capabilities to your existing industrial network and deploy IoT applications at the edge.

Cisco Catalyst Center

Set up and monitor your core enterprise network to the edge, at scale—all from a single interface.

Cisco IoT Operations Dashboard

Simplify industrial networking with cloud-delivered OT services designed for industrial workflows.

Cisco IoT Field Network Director

Easily deploy and manage your field area networks for thousands or millions of connected devices.

Cisco Catalyst SD-WAN Manager

Extend SD-WAN to the IoT edge, with tools to automate deployment, configuration, and management.

Security built in, not bolted on

Manage threats at scale by seeing more

No need for extra appliances or resources—your Cisco industrial network sees everything that connects to it.

Simplify secure remote access into OT assets

Manage connected assets from anywhere. Easy-to-use, cloud-delivered secure remote access is built into our network equipment.

Empower your network to secure operations

Deploy OT security at scale with visibility, enforcement, and ZTNA gateway embedded into your network equipment.

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