Catalyst IW9167E and Catalyst IW9167I Heavy Duty Access Points

Catalyst IW9167 Heavy Duty Series Access Points

Wireless that works wherever you need it

For harsh conditions, remote assets, and demanding applications, you need wireless that pushes the boundaries. Choose Wi-Fi 6 or Cisco Ultra-Reliable Wireless Backhaul (Cisco URWB).

Next-generation wireless for outdoor and industrial spaces

Extend your wireless network to more places and assets. Even in the toughest conditions.

Improve speed and security with Wi-Fi 6

Experience higher density, increased throughput, greater power efficiency, and better security.

Be ready for Wi-Fi 6E

Get up to 1.2 GHz more spectrum to boost capacity and mitigate interference, with 6-GHz hardware support in all hardware models. 

Tough. And flexible.

The rugged, cast-aluminum case can handle water, dust, extreme temperatures, and hazardous environments. You can connect with either Wi-Fi 6/6E or Cisco URWB—whichever you need, it's covered. 

Connect remote buildings or moving assets

Cisco URWB lets you connect remote buildings and fixed or moving assets to your network. Enjoy a high data rate, ultra-low latency and packet loss, and seamless handoffs.

A screen capture of the Catalyst IW9167E overview video

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Catalyst IW9167 Heavy Duty Series models

A screen capture of the Catalyst IW9167E demo video

See the Catalyst IW9167E in action

Discover what is under the hood. Find out more about the 6-GHz spectrum.

Find your wireless solution

Cisco URWB

Connect moving assets with high throughputs, ultra-low latency, fast handoffs, and zero packet loss.

Wi-Fi 6/6E-ready

Use your existing Wi-Fi infrastructure to connect industrial assets to critical applications.

Get the right wireless for you

Understand your wireless options, and choose the right solution for your industrial network.

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