Secure Cloud Analytics GUI

Cisco Attack Surface Management (formerly Cisco Secure Cloud Insights)

Get faster hybrid cloud visibility and protection

Improve security monitoring and cut emerging threats on your attack surface by including exposure management concepts into asset discovery and relationship-mapping with ongoing visibility.

Improve security with deep insight

To protect against threats, organizations require network visibility and control and the capacity to respond swiftly. Cisco Attack Surface Management identifies weak points in near real-time enabling rapid response.

Fully examine your attack surface

Relationship mapping makes it possible to reduce risks and meet compliance. With 100 predefined API integrations, you can examine everything in your environment and secure your attack surface. 

Manage compliance and vulnerabilities

Manage compliance and security posture by monitoring relationships between hybrid IT and multiple clouds. Choose from over 800 premade queries, or customize your own, to find security gaps and misconfigurations.

Get a unified view of assets

Cisco Attack Surface Management, a Cisco XDR component, can provide a broad inventory of all entities and current security risks to identify and remediate misconfigured cloud environments and asset vulnerabilities.

Baseline behavior with Secure Cloud Analytics

Secure digital environments by combining situational awareness of Secure Cloud Analytics with structural awareness of Cisco Attack Surface Management for visibility of vulnerabilities and anomaly-based threat vectors.

Reduce Your Attack Surface with Cisco Secure Cloud Insights

Get better insights with integration

Device Insights

Device Insights with Cisco XDR provides an extensive  inventory of cloud and on-premises assets.

Cisco Meraki

Easily discover and monitor configurations for Meraki devices, VLANs, and Wi-Fi in graphs.

Cisco Secure Workload

Visualize and monitor Cisco Secure Workload users, roles, and scopes using alerts and graphs.

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