Cisco Breach Protection Suite


AI-enabled security for an efficient security operations center

The Cisco Breach Protection Essentials and Advantage tiers allow you to select the solution that best aligns with the needs of your business.

  1. Breach Protection capabilities
  2. Cisco XDR Essentials
    1. See more and act faster with Al-driven extended detection and response that integrates with the Cisco security portfolio.
  3. Cisco Secure Endpoint Advantage
    1. Protect the hybrid workforce, stay resilient and protect what's next with simple, comprehensive endpoint security.
  4. ​​Cisco Secure Email Threat Defense
    1. Protect against damaging and costly advanced email threats with unique AI and machine learning models.
  5. ​​​​Cisco XDR Advantage
    1. Rapidly detect and respond to threats with all features of XDR Essentials plus integrations with select third-party tools.
  6. Cisco Secure Endpoint Premier
    1. Catch hidden threats with all features of Secure Endpoint Advantage plus threat hunting that uncovers advanced threats.
  7. Cisco Secure Network Analytics
    1. Detect threats in real time with network detection and response that offers enterprisewide network visibility, including public and private cloud traffic.
  8. Cisco Telemetry Broker
    1. Optimizes Breach Protection telemetry by brokering data, filtering unneeded data, and transforming data to a usable format.
  9. Cisco XDR Premier
    1. This licensing package includes all the features of XDR Advantage, plus additional managed services.
  10. Cisco Managed Extended Detection and Response
    1. Cisco security experts provide this managed XDR service. It includes security validation through pen testing and select Talos IR services.
  11. Cisco Talos Incident Response
    1. Talos IR provides a full suite of proactive and emergency services to help you prepare, respond, and recover from a cybersecurity incident.
  12. Cisco Technical Security Assessment
    1. Assess security posture with advice on threats, the capacity for realization, and potential impact on operational resilience.


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