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Cisco Full-Stack Observability

Deliver better app experiences

Cisco Full-Stack Observability (Cisco FSO) brings together data from across your tech stack and your business. Use it to gain insights and deliver optimal application experiences.

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Secure, stable, and superior digital experiences start here

Give your IT teams control with full stack observability. Prioritize issues affecting users, revenue, business risks, and costs. Minimize tool sprawl and make problem-solving faster and simpler.

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of technologists

Face more IT complexity than ever before and wrestle with overwhelming data noise—without the ability to draw insights and act fast enough to resolve issues

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of organizations

Intend to unify observability across critical IT domains, such as infrastructure, network, applications, cybersecurity, and digital experience

Cisco Full-Stack Observability

Cisco Full-Stack Observability

Revolutionize the way you observe, secure, and optimize applications

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Manage performance of applications with business context

Monitor traditional and modern applications to elevate end user experiences and improve application performance. Bring together data from across your tech stack and your business.

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Application security with business risk observabilty

Enable security and application teams to expand their visibility and prioritize issues based on business risk observability, so that they can resolve revenue-impacting vulnerabilities faster.

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Manage cost optimization

See a comprehensive view of costs across your IT infrastructure and cloud applications, so you can lower costs while increasing utilization of assets and optimizing resource allocation across workloads.

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Cisco Observabilty Platform

Empower an entire observability ecosystem and solve additional business issues by using and developing new applications and modules on the Cisco Observability Platform.

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Explore the fit that is right for you

Use our self-select tool to learn how FSO can help your business observe, secure, optimize, and extend. 

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Innovations in Cisco FSO

Curious about recent innovations and how we continue to evolve our FSO portfolio? Learn more about Cisco's Observability Platform, Digital Experience Monitoring, AIOps, and more.

Laptop with ESG report on Observability and Demystifying AIOp

ESG Report

Observability and Demystifying AIOp

Cisco recently commissioned a survey with Enterprise Strategy Group to examine trends in this area. This report summarizes key findings of this survey.

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Cisco FSO At-A-Glance

See more, solve more, do more. Then give users a secure, stable, superior digital experience. Learn about the key concepts of Cisco FSO.

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Find resources to help your customer move beyond domain monitoring into full-stack visibility, insights, and actions.